Visual attention is a single, integrated resource.

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Journal Article


Vision research, Volume 49, Number 10, p.1166–73 (2009)





Attention, Attention: physiology, Color Perception, Color Perception: physiology, Discrimination (Psychology), Discrimination (Psychology): physiology, Female, Field Dependence-Independence, Humans, Male, PastukhovEtal2009, Pattern Recognition, Photic Stimulation, Photic Stimulation: methods, Psychophysics, Visual, Visual: physiology


Recent evidence for separate forms of attention for different visual attributes seems to conflict with Duncan's "integrated competition" theory of visual attention. To resolve this conflict, we established attention-operating characteristics for four pairs of visual discriminations. While one task was common to every pair, the other tasks were different and concerned different visual attributes. In all pairs, the common task exhibited the same performance-resource function, whether the other tasks involved entirely similar, partially similar, or entirely dissimilar visual attributes. These results confirm that visual attention conforms exactly to the predictions of a single, integrated resource.