Temporal context and conditional associative learning.

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Journal Article


BMC neuroscience, Volume 11, p.45 (2010)




Adult, Algorithms, Association Learning, Association Learning: physiology, Computer Simulation, Conditioning (Psychology), Conditioning (Psychology): physiology, Female, Fractals, Humans, Mathematical Concepts, Models, Neuropsychological Tests, Photic Stimulation, Psychomotor Performance, Psychomotor Performance: physiology, Reaction Time, Reaction Time: physiology, Statistical, Time Factors, Time Perception, Time Perception: physiology, Visual Perception, Visual Perception: physiology, Young Adult


We investigated how temporal context affects the learning of arbitrary visuo-motor associations. Human observers viewed highly distinguishable, fractal objects and learned to choose for each object the one motor response (of four) that was rewarded. Some objects were consistently preceded by specific other objects, while other objects lacked this task-irrelevant but predictive context.