edfImport library provides a simple interface to import contents of the EDF files generated by Eyelink eye-tracker into Matlab. It imports events and/or samples, automatically parsing them into separate trials. In addition to that several post-processing functions can be used to extract selected events (fixations, saccades, blinks and button presses), variable values (TRIAL VAR events) and microsaccades. The ZIP-file for verision 1.0.3 and up now contains precompiled both 32- and 64-bit versions. 

For version 1.0.4 funciton edfExtractInterestingEvents now takes an optinal regular expression marker for the trial start: Trials= edfExtractInterestingEvents(Trials [, TrialStartMarker] .By default (in the old version of the code and when the TrialStartMarker is omitted) the beginning of the trial is identified using '!MODE RECORD' event message. For example, if you mark the beginning of the trial via a 'TRIALID ...' message, the call should be Trials= edfExtractInterestingEvents(Trials, '^TRIALID').

For Windows, if Matlab returns an error message "Invalid MEX-file" this usually means that the relevant "edfapi.dll" is not in the system path. Make sure it is in the same folder as the mex-file or put it into Windows/System32 folder.

In case of any problems, please, do not hesistate to write me at pastukhov.alexander[at]gmail.com

Good luck with your research!
Alexander (Sasha) Pastukhov

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